For Education Professionals

If you are an international organization, high-school administrator, teacher, college advisor or an independent educational consultant, Gap Year Guru can work with you in the following areas:


Gap Year Guru trains high school administrators, faculty, college advisors and independent educational consultants to develop an approach to the gap year process. In addition, Gap Year Guru runs workshops or train staff, students and parents on the gap year process.


Gap Year Guru provides customized coaching to educators in need of more and ongoing gap year information, resources and opportunities. Gap Year Guru can design and deliver gap year and short-term programs and create a coherent global education strategy for schools that are looking to expand their international travel and experiential learning opportunities.


Gap Year Guru consults with organizations that are running international programs (short-term, summer, gap year) in the areas of program development, recruitment, admissions, on-boarding, leader development and training, risk management, etc. to help build quality, transformational experiences.